Helping Successful People Control Their Alcohol Use, Without Being Labeled (or Mislabeled) Alcoholic

Finally, help for alcohol problems and alcohol counseling that is private, effective and backed by science

If you’re a high-profile, successful person who is worried about your drinking behavior (or that of a loved one), you may have wondered about seeking help.

Maybe you can relate to some of the following:

  • You drink alcohol to unwind or relieve stress, yet you realize that this short-term solution sometimes interferes with your overall, long-term well-being
  • You’re feeling frustrated, discouraged, secretly ashamed at your seeming inability to let go of a self-defeating, compulsive habit.
  • You may have even been to rehab or had some private alcohol counseling, and it didn’t work so well
  • You’ve had a few close calls with a DUI, or maybe you’ve even had a DUI and never want that to happen again
  • Your kids try to avoid you or are disrespectful to you because of your alcohol use
  • Your marriage or romantic relationship is not as loving and fulfilling as it used to be, due to alcohol misuse
  • You’re not as productive as you’d like to be due to alcohol use
  • Your health is at risk because of excessive alcohol use
  • You keep making vows to yourself to get control of your drinking habits, but nothing changes
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • You avoid seeking alcohol counseling or other help because you don’t want to be forced to wear the  “Scarlet Letter” of A(Alcoholic) 
  • You may have heard that “AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is the only way,” but…

Or maybe you would love to get some help, but have some very legitimate reservations. For instance:

  1. You don’t really believe that you’re an alcoholic
  2. You hate the idea of groups
  3. You don’t accept the idea that you’re “powerless”
  4. You can’t risk running into people who might know you
  5. You require complete discretion and privacy
  6. You bristle at the idea of being told in-no-uncertain-terms: “You’re in denial,”  if you don’t buy into the dogma
  7. You (understandably!) don’t want the stigma of a diagnosis of a supposed life-long, incurable disease

You are not alone

There are many, many people like you who have been remarkably successful, yet are struggling with alcohol issues, and the frustration, shame and discouragement that goes with the territory.

So many people are hesitant to seek out alcohol counseling. They have no interest in being labeled with an unsavory diagnosis, or in being further shamed with treatment approaches rooted in the 1930’s.

Many are realistically skeptical about whether the “Anonymous” in AA is really anonymous. (What would you do if you went to a meeting and saw your doctor, pastor, boss, or one of your patients or clients?)

Did you know that most people who stop drinking do it on their own?  Now, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you if you have tried to stop but have been unsuccessful. What it does mean is that there are some things these people have tried that worked.

Another little-known fact: Many, if not most people who get help for alcohol-related problems are mislabeled “alcoholic,” or alcohol-dependent, when they are not.

There is a Solution

My name is Dr. Melanie Wilson and I’d like to help. I’ve been a Clinical Psychologist in private practice for over 20 years.

For the past 8 years, I’ve specialized in helping smart, successful people – doctors, lawyers, accountants, C-level executives, corporate SVPs, entrepreneurs, chefs, teachers, nurses, creatives, and homemakers overcome their problematic alcohol use through alcohol counseling.

My clients come to me for help in overcoming compulsive habits and addictions, without being labeled (or mislabeled) an alcoholic or addict.

My approach is refreshingly contemporary, integrating a number of evidenced-based concepts and strategies. Unlike 95% of the alcohol counseling and treatment approaches out there, it is not based on the 12-steps of AA.

You can be free and feel wonderful again.

I’d like to help with that.

You Don’t Have to Deal With This Alone

Please stop beating yourself up over this.  You don’t have to go through this alone.  You don’t have to be labeled with The Scarlet Letter. You don’t have to go to meetings or groups. You don’t have to feel powerless any longer.

So please don’t waste one more day of your life feeling this way when there are effective treatments for alcohol-related problems.

Why not give me a call at 610-526-9111, and let’s figure this out together.

You deserve to be free and to feel wonderful again!
With great respect,
Melanie Wilson, PsyD
Clinical Health Psychologist
License # PS-3567-L
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