About Melanie

Melanie Wilson PicI have been a doctoral-level, clinical psychologist, licensed in the State of Pennsylvania, for over 20 years.  I have worked in schools, hospitals, corporations and private practice, helping individuals and families solve problems, figure out solutions, and live happier, healthier lives.  I have taught and facilitated workshops, given talks, and I have contributed regularly for a parenting magazine.

Although I’ve worked with a broad range of psychological issues, I developed a particular interest and expertise in helping people with alcohol-related problems about 8 years ago. Several of the clients that I had been seeing for other types of things confided that they were having some trouble with alcohol. They recognized that their drinking behavior was interfering with their lives.

A few of them had tried to get help for their problematic drinking behavior through traditional approaches, and had pretty much given up hope. I had come to know and respect these clients through our other work together, and I felt that there just had to be a better way.

So I began doing extensive research and seeking up-to-date training in the area of understanding and treating compulsive habits and addictive behaviors – problematic alcohol use in particular – using evidence-based techniques.

I found out that there was quite a bit of new information out there, in terms of the wide spectrum of alcohol use and misuse. There is a whole menu of choices for change, and it is important to determine at what stage of readiness for change the person is.

This was so different from what I was taught in graduate school.  The conventional wisdom was to send your patient to AA if they have a drinking problem, and don’t accept them into counseling for other problems until they go to AA and stop the drinking. But there are effective AA alternatives.

I love working with a person who happens to have problem with alcohol, rather than “an alcoholic.” There is so much stigma attached to this label.  How refreshing to know that such a label is unnecessary. In fact, I think it can be very harmful, as is most name-calling.

I hope we get a chance to work together.  I would love to meet you and to hear your story. I would love to be able to help!  Please don’t struggle with this another day.  Give me a call at 610-526-9111.